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Jennifer Boisvert

Jennifer Boisvert

Available for commissioned artwork:

Sculpture, Abstract art, Installations, Site Specific Earth Art.

Jen Boisvert is a native North Shore Ipswich area Artist who explores visual interpretations and merges relationships between humans and nature. Her sculpture creates a visual dialogue for the viewer to develop their intuitive conclusions. The dialogue between artwork and viewer becomes an intimate catalyst to finding immediate connections with the earth and ourselves through various sculptural works. She uses shapes found in nature and corresponds them with internal and external human anatomical shapes.

The process in the content of the artwork creates a language of the human form collaborating with the natural environment on earth. The undercurrent and thread in the art connects a river of consciousness of humans viscerally tied with the earth.


Operates an independent art studio, freelance sculpture, stone and wood carving, photography, installations, mixed media, and earth art.

She is a graduate of Montserrat College of Art with B.F.A. in sculpture and recipient of the senior fine arts award and a graduate of Plymouth State University with M.Ed. in early elementary education and Montessori pedagogy.

She has worked and studied as an apprentice under Sculptor Bart S. Uchida. She acted as curator for the sculpture department at open house, Montserrat College of Art. She worked as a sculpture technician, a porcelain sculptor, she has been a visual arts instructor,

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