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Nicole Werth

Nicole Werth

Nicole is a Lynn based artist who produces artwork based on natural themes sometimes in artificial environments, street and city scenes, and iconic signage.

How It All Started

I have always loved to paint.

But painting has always only been one of my loves.  I grew up in the woods, surrounded by the beauty of nature.  Everywhere I looked there were plants and animals, each amazing in its own way.  Plants have always been an inspiration to me.  From the radiant beauty of tulips just after they bud in spring, to the tragic, muted browns of a fallen leaf at the approach of winter, nothing reveals the wonderful cycle of life as much as the flora that lies all around us.

Another of my passions was for the animals that lived nestled among the plants I saw everywhere.  The green of a mantis, hiding among the leaves; the iridescent colors shining off the shells of a jeweled beetle; the glistening hues of feathers—nothing could be more beautiful or varied than the colors that are to be found throughout the ranks of the natural world.
When I went off to college in Iowa, I chose a path that combined my love of art with my love of the hidden treasures around me and majored in Anthropology focusing on the Mesoamerican world.  To this day, I often use my college study skills when starting a painting.  I begin by learning as much as I can, fully researching my subject in print and in the field if possible.  I am still fascinated by religion or mythology, and occasionally create piec

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