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Paula Borsetti

Paula Borsetti

“Well I Haven’t Much to Say” yet I do…

This body of work is part of an ongoing series of paintings, drawings, prints and mixed media pieces inspired by my fathers hand. I am looking at his writings, patent drawings and sketches. I merge these with my love of living by the water. I am interested in the topography of the land as well as the rocks of the east coast of New England and Sebago Lake area in Maine.

The title of this series, “Well I Haven’t Much to Say”, comes from a line in one of his letters written home during WW2. Some works contain collage, while others evoke the calligraphy of his drawings and writings. Most pieces begin with a shape he might have drawn, or the shape of natural objects and spaces. By working in layers I am merging our hands. Using organic forms, contrasts and tension I create a space that is meandering and ambiguous. A space that the viewer can get lost in, perhaps finding a moment in the piece that gives them pause or a feeling of familiarity or wonder.

Family is close and a large part of my practice. I live in Beverly, MA. with my husband Joe and our two springer spaniels, Bella and Jenny. Our daughter, her husband, young son and Springer Maggie also live in Beverly. Another influence to my practice includes teaching. I have been teaching art at Beverly High School since 1994 and I also have the good fortune to have my daughter as a colleague at BHS.



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