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Tony Toledo

Tony Toledo

Tony Toledo has been telling stories to pay his rent since the end of the 20th century.  For Kindergarten, First and Second Graders Tony Toledo tells “Crow, Clap and Yell: Joining In Stories”.  The students laugh to hear about the stinging bee bum! The students jump when they see the Scary Hand out the window!  They are amazed when the Cat eats a bunch of Elephants! The Third, Fourth and Fifth Graders get drawn into the tale of The Bog when they learn that the stranger has no face! They are amazed about Summer on Two Wheels, Tony’s coast to coast bicycle trip.  He hit a cow you know.Every kid at every school storytelling assembly gets a Riddle Bookmark too.

Tony Toledo is also a passionate EMCEE who can spark up your gathering.  Tony was the EMCEE at Speak Up Spoken Word Open Mic in Lynn every Wednesday for seven years.  When Tony is the EMCEE at your event, every person who comes to the microphone gets a special thank you and a magical foreign coin.

Tony Toledo is happy to tell stories at birthday parties. Tony gives the birthday child a dollar coin after he makes their party so memorable with grand tales of giants and talking turtles.  Tony is also happy to help cut the cake and dish out the ice cream.

Tony Toledo is 61 years old but reads at a 78 year old level.  Tony bought his massive one tenth of an acre Beverly estate with his storytelling.  It is just big enough for his books, basil and bicycle. Why was Cinderella such a bad soccer player? Her coach was a pum

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