Cojuelos' Productions

Cojuelos' Productions

Business - Dance - Film & Video - Music - Performing Arts - Poetry & Literature - Theatre - Visual Art


 18 Hathorne Street, Salem, MA 01970

Celebrating all artistic expression through creative and innovative diverse and culturally-oriented programming and high-end special events.

Cojuelos’ Productions thrives in creating curated experiences for private, corporate, and community settings with an emphasis in cultural & educational programming.  In addition, we offer consulting services for effective community engagement, cultural awareness and audience development strategies with arts and culture as tools for engagement.

Our company specifically focuses in creating a platform for elevating under-represented cultures and communities of color by promoting and managing creatives of color (musicians, visual artists, dancers, authors and performers) representing different cultural groups.  We develop opportunities for showcasing their art, passion and creativity at the same time that we contribute to their professional and creative growth and the growth of our communities.